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The American Nyckelharpa Association is a non-profit organization for the support and fostering of the Swedish nyckelharpa (sometimes called the Swedish key fiddle). We conduct educational programs and activities to promote knowledge of, and interest in, the nyckelharpa and the traditional music of the nyckelharpa. We endeavor to provide competent instruction in playing the nyckelharpa and the musical tradition associated with it, as well as the dances associated with that tradition.

Most of our funding comes from individual memberships. For $12 digital ($30 snail mail) each year, you get our quarterly newsletter Nyckel Notes, and the good feeling deep down inside that comes from knowing you’re helping to support this unique and beautiful instrument. You also have the option of being listed on our public directory of members.

Please note that all memberships expire at the end of the calendar year. Membership payments made in the fourth quarter will be valid to the end of the following year. Payments for multiple years are accepted.

So help support our cause by becoming a member!

Annual memberships catagories

Digital: $12, same fee no matter where you live on the planet. E-mail address required.
Snail mail (USA): $30
Snail mail (international): $40

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