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Free Nyckelharpa.org E-mail Address!

The ANA offers its active members an @nyckelharpa.org e-mail address. This service is only useful if you already have an e-mail account, as we only forward mail from the @nyckelharpa.org address to your current address. You can create an e-mail address like spelman_sally@nyckelharpa.org, for example. All e-mail is forwarded automatically and immediately.

If you don’t yet have an e-mail address but can access web pages from a computer at a library or school, then you will need to first get a free e-mail account that we can forward to. There are many free e-mail services around that have web-based readers.


Your @nyckelharpa.org address can be permanent (as long as you keep current with your dues), unlike an address that you have because of an affiliation with work, school, or a particular ISP. If you graduate, change jobs, or get a new ISP, you can change the forwarding to your new e-mail and people will still know what e-mail address to use to get in touch with you. You might also want to keep your work and personal e-mail separate by ‘filtering’ your personal e-mail and waiting until particular times of day to read those sent to your @nyckelharpa.org address. In the event that you let your membership lapse, we will notify you and give you a chance to become current before removing your @nyckelharpa.org address.

Plus, there’s a certain status in having a nyckelharpa.org e-mail account!


To sign up, send a request to our email administrator and include the following information (cut and paste to your e-mail message).

First Name: _______________
Last Name: _______________
Phone: _______________
Current e-mail:_______________

1st Choice user name: _________________@nyckelharpa.org
2nd Choice user name: _________________@nyckelharpa.org
3rd Choice user name: _________________@nyckelharpa.org