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Current Projects

Financially support Nyckelharpa in the US

In an effort to help nyckelharpa players across North America take advantage of visiting Swedes, the ANA announces a standard policy of subsidies for workshops. We’ve already subsidized a few workshops and concerts over the years, but we felt it was time to formalize and announce the program. Here are the rules:

  • The teacher must be a visiting Swede, not a local.
  • It must be a workshop with at least 2 students, not a private lesson.
  • The workshop must be open to the public, not solely for a private group or club.
  • The workshop should be about 2 1/2 to 3 hours long.
  • The subject of the workshop must be primarily nyckelharpa.
  • The ANA will contribute enough to bring the price per person down to $20, to a maximum of $100 (per half-day workshop, $200 for a full-day workshop, etc.).
  • Only 1 workshop per major Metropolitan/Geographic area will be subsidized per year.
  • The ANA will subsidize a maximum of 5 workshops per year.

This means that if you have 5 nyckelharpa players in your area and a visiting Swede wants $200 for a workshop, each of you will only have to pay $20, not $40, for the 3-hour group session.

To apply for the subsidy, please e-mail the ANA here.

Nyckelharpa recordings in the US

We are pleased to announce a partnership with cdRoots, a wonderful source for music from around the world. If you make a purchase from cdRoots after entering their site via the links here, you will be helping our organization. cdRoots shares a portion of their profits with the ANA!

Make nyckelharpa strings available in the US

Nyckelharpas can use strings originally made for other instruments – cello strings for the main playing strings, and guitar strings for the understrings. However, due to the surge of interest in the nyckelharpa, a Swedish string company called Prim began making strings especially for nyckelharpa. Now, there are a variety of strings available that help instruments achieve various tones. The ANA offers them all! View our strings for sale ยป

Future Plans and Dreams

Any projects you’d like to see the ANA take on? E-mail us through the website.