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Purchase Strings and more!

If you’re looking to purchase strings, you’re in the right place– The ANA offers several options for all the nyckelharpa strings you’ll need, plus advice to help you decide just which strings you want.

If you’re in the mood for buying music, we’ll give you a few options here…but really, the Internet is your best friend. Just make sure the website you purchase from is secure and guarantees the products they ship.

Ok, now for the bigger purchases: you want to buy a nyckelharpa? Or a bow? Or some accessories? We’ll give you jumping off points for all of these. Of course we cannot endorse one maker over another, but hopefully the commentary included will help guide you. And please, make use of the Nyckelharpa Email List! It’s the best way to contact the most nyckelharpa players at once. And the group is quite active, so chances are, you’ll get a response quickly.

Happy hunting!

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