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Väsen US Tour Spring 2018
The Swedish super-group Väsen will be touring the US this spring, details coming soon. 
  • Fri & Sat Feb 23 & 24, Wintergrass, Hyatt Regency, Bellevue WA

Three musicians with a singular sound, a playful yet accomplished interplay that seems to defy the laws of physics, an intensity with a great sense of humor, and modernity rooted in tradition. Väsen, a Swedish acoustic trio, now in its 28th year of touring together.

The parts: a five-string viola of sophisticated symphonic taste, an adventurous 12-string guitar, and a nyckelharpa (a “keyed fiddle”) deeply rooted in the traditions of Swedish folk music. All three are instrumental virtuosos in their own right, and together they form a unique supernatural being. To experience Väsen is to witness ensemble playing at its finest.

The band’s origins are deeply rooted in the forests and rich earth of the Swedish countryside, in the centuries-old tradition of the folk music of Uppland. It’s a tradition spiced with consummate playing skills. But this is more than just a traditional sound.

Nyckelharpa Teaching in the US in 2018


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