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Also here are some Swedish highlights — Many more wonderful opportunities can be found on our events resource page.


Welcome to the eighth International Folk Music course on Laxon, Sweden 2017, Aug 21 – 25.
Welcome to the eighth International Folk Music course in Laxön, Älvkarleby, (Laxon-Alvkarleby) near the mouth of the river Dalalven, Sweden August 21 – 25 with arrival Aug 20th, beginning with the Byss Calle staemma Sunday the 20th.
Beginner or advanced – we have lots to share of all kinds: playing, technique, the genuine rhythm, playing for dancing, ”grammar” of folk music, how to play together, how to perform, teachers concert and more. 
We are three teachers,  Swedish National Fiddlers (riksspelman), and four assistant teachers. All of us play both fiddle and nyckelharpa. Our native tounge and pride is the folk music of Northern Uppland but we play lots of other tunes from the rest of Sweden and also other kinds of music.
There are fiddle and nyckelharpa sets to rent.
Welcome into the family feeling.
We play, eat and sleep in a big house in the scenic island Laxon (the Salmon Island) between the waterfalls in Dalaelven. Mornings you can do salmon watching. You are welcome to bring a friend to spend time with us and to do touristing.
All information you will find at

To submit a nyckelharpa related event in Sweden or another Nordic country, contact the webmaster. Please send all details, including time, location, price, and a contact person.

Where to look…

It’s hard for us to keep track of everything going on in Sweden. So here is a great site to bookmark for planning purposes. (It’s also just pretty to look at, too!) has a year-round listing of events in Uppland, aka central nyckelharpa territory.

Annual Nyckelharpa Festivals / Stämmor

Summer Courses

  • Ekebyholm, Rimbo, Uppland (website only has facility info)
    A week of private and group harpa or fiddle lessons. Fills up fast! E-mail Lars in January for the following summer: lars(dot)lindkvist(at)jarfalla(dot)se
  • Malungs folkhögskola Malung, Dalarna.
    Courses in fiddle, dance, and song.

Year-Long courses

  • Eric Sahlström Institutet Tobo, Uppland.
    Offering various levels of instruction as well as a course for youths.
  • Malung Folk School
    A variety of instructors teach song, music, and dance. While the music focus is on fiddle, nyckelharpas are certainly welcome. All lessons are taught in Swedish. | Malung folkhögskola Web Site