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The American Nyckelharpa Association is a nonprofit organization for the support and fostering of the Swedish nyckelharpa (sometimes called the Swedish key fiddle). We conduct educational programs and activities to promote knowledge of, and interest in, the nyckelharpa and the traditional music of the nyckelharpa.

Most of our funding comes from memberships which are $12 for one year. (You may pay for multiple years at a time using the box on the intermediate page after filling in the form below and clicking “Sign Up”.) As a member you get the good feeling deep down inside that comes from knowing you’re helping to support this unique and beautiful instrument.

Memberships expire one year after payment date. Payments made while memberships are still active extend the current membership.

Please support our mission by becoming a member! Any questions? Please contact our Interim Membership Coordinator: Lee Bonacker

Not interested in membership, but wish to support the organization? General donations are welcome. (Please note we are not a 501(c)(3), but are a nonprofit corporation registered in the state of Washington.)

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