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Current Projects

Financially support Nyckelharpa in the US

In an effort to help nyckelharpa players across North America take advantage of visiting Swedes, the ANA announces a standard policy of subsidies for workshops. We’ve already subsidized a few workshops and concerts over the years, but we felt it was time to formalize and announce the program. Here are the rules:

  • The teacher must be a visiting Swede, not a local.
  • It must be a workshop with at least 2 students, not a private lesson.
  • The workshop must be open to the public, not solely for a private group or club.
  • The workshop should be about 2 1/2 to 3 hours long.
  • The subject of the workshop must be primarily nyckelharpa.
  • The ANA will contribute enough to bring the price per person down to $20, to a maximum of $100 (per half-day workshop, $200 for a full-day workshop, etc.).
  • Only 1 workshop per major Metropolitan/Geographic area will be subsidized per year.
  • The ANA will subsidize a maximum of 5 workshops per year.

This means that if you have 5 nyckelharpa players in your area and a visiting Swede wants $200 for a workshop, each of you will only have to pay $20, not $40, for the 3-hour group session.

To apply for the subsidy, please e-mail the ANA here.

Make nyckelharpa strings available in the US

Nyckelharpas can use strings originally made for other instruments – cello strings for the main playing strings, and guitar strings for the understrings. However, due to the surge of interest in the nyckelharpa, a Swedish string company called Prim began making strings especially for nyckelharpa. Now, there are a variety of strings available that help instruments achieve various tones. View our list of string sources

Future Plans and Dreams

Any projects you’d like to see the ANA take on? E-mail us through the website.