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Nyckelharpa Sound Samples

If you have sound clips on your own web site and would like them listed here, e-mail the webmaster for information.

  • Drone Records, Sweden

    DRONE Records has many samples, and loads fast. Check it out!

    The Drone Artist listing includes sound samples from many CDs. Just click on a group name, and you’ll see the tracks as well as information about the musicians.

  • RPM Music

    Created by Peter Puma Hedlund and Rita Leydon, RPM Music has made its debut with three strong recordings. Sound samples are available for each release.

  • Smörgåsklickarna’s Web Site

    This site has a page full of mp3 downloads, as well as a special page just about the nyckelharpa. Once you enter their web site, click ‘musik’. (This site is in German!)

  • Väsen Interview with Dirty Linen

    Read the full text interview from 1996. Or, if you just want to download the sound bytes:

Nyckelharpa Mingling with Other Traditions

We know the nyckelharpa has crossed continents, but it’s crossing ethnic borders as well! Nyckelharpa fusion shows the limitless applications for an instrument that looks as beautiful as it sounds.

  • Ana Alcaide – Spanish Influence

    Ana studies nyckelharpa in Malmö and wrote to tell us about her new CD. It is a blending of two cultures resulting in a romantic and surprising sound. You may even hear a familiar tune or two!

    Visit Ana’s web site or listen to "El Romeral"

  • Rasa – Indian Influence

    Meet Rasa, a group that plays music based Indian bhajans, where the nyckelharpa has become a signature sound of their group.

    Hans Christian of Rasa uses a 1992 Ole Plahn harpa tuned like a cello (CGDA) and holds it like a cello (but stands to play). He says, "It works very well as a string section blend with multiple cellos, too. Really fun to record that way."

    Visit Rasa’s web site or listen to a track sample directly by clicking here.

  • Food for Thought – Metal Music Influence

    Anders Peev, a recent graduate of the Royal Music Academy in Stockholm, as well as the year-long course at the Eric Sahlström Institute, knows the nyckelharpa tradition well. He can also play Dalarna style tunes and whatever else one could throw at him.

    But I was a little surprised when I came across his MySpace page and saw that he also plays with a… metal band? wow! This must be a first. Click here and then click on "The Trooper" to play.