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Nyckelharpa Mp3s and Postcasting

This will be an expanding list as time goes on. If you have ideas that should be added here, shoot us an email!

Nordic Drones Podcast

The Nordic Drones Podcast, produced by Jan Winter. (Only 2 podcast episodes published back in 2008, but hopefully more are on the way!)

The Nyckelharpa Forum mp3 Archive

A very well-organized library of music is available – with photos and background information with such talents as: Ivar Tallroth, Styrbjörn Bergelt, Anders Eklundh, Simon Simonsson, Gunnar Fredelius & Sven Nordin, Curt Jinder and many others!

Royal Academy of Music, Stockholm

Here’s a pretty great folk music concert mp3.

To listen, scroll down the page until you see "Folkmusik – första måndagen i månaden 6/11 Lilla salen" Right click and "save as" to save to your computer. If you point your music player to around the 10 minute mark, you will suddenly hear inspired nyckelharpa tunes, Randiskjortel followed by Trollrikepolskan efter Erik Sahlström played by David Eriksson & Magnus Holmström on nyckelharpa.

While you listen to this, you may think to yourself, ‘My, I would love to get a degree in Swedish Folk Music from the Royal Academy!’ (or maybe that’s just me). Click here to learn about the academy.

They have plans in the works (I think) to have a weekly concert podcast in iTunes. I’ll let you know if that happens!

WNYC Radio: New Sounds

Sunday, September 30, 2007 New Sounds Radio show focused on music from the Nordic region: including Väsen and Johan Hedin.