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Number 46 — Winter 2010

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Table of Contents

Double issue! (Fall & Winter)
  • Meet Sheila Morris,  by Benjamin R. Teitelbaum
  • Vilhelm Hedlund,  by David Elliker-Vågsberg
  • Magnus Holmström featured at Nordic Fiddles and Feet, by Matt Fichtenbaum
  • How the nyckelharpa came to BURG FÜRSTENECK, By Karsten Evers, Germany
  • Nyckelharpa at BURG FÜRSTENECK, By Angelika Maier
  • Sonia Sahlström's group, By Elise Ramos (France)
  • Impressions of the International Days of the Nyckelharpa 2009, by Anne Marcordes, Germany
  • Nyckelharpa and French ball folk music at BURG FÜRSTENECK, By Jean-Michel Marintabouret (France)
  • Tim Rued Letter to Sweden, by Tim Rued
  • News from Southern Sweden, by Barbara & Björn Ljungström
  • Jan Lings Nyckelharpan (Ch 2-4) Translated by Patrick Hort
  • Spela Bättre: Tune, style, variation, by Matt Fichtenbaum
  • For sale: Strings, nyckelharpor, accessories
  • Confessions of a newly appointed secretary, By Joyce Keller, Yakima, WA

Written Tunes

  • Polska efter Vilhelm Hedlund, Enviken
  • Sirapsbacken - Polska från Västerbotten via Magnus Holmström
  • Valse a Lulu, Jacky Bouchard
  • Excerpt from Boris Keller?s Barokpolskan-Partitur Teil 4
  • Prins Jesus, Boris Koller
  • Hållnäs-valsen, av Lars Näsbom
  • Polska from Tärnsjö, slängpolska efter Jan Erik Schedin, Sala

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