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Written Nyckelharpa Music

Learning to play any instrument is a life-long journey with as many degrees of proficiency as there are trekkers in the wilderness. The peculiarities and charms of the nyckelharpa entice those of us who are smitten to spend endless hours devoted to gaining ownership of that new tune or technique, grasping a little more, reaching for the next goal, seeing what is just over the horizon. I think I can, I think I can …

A well tuned nyckelharpa has an exquisite resonance and voice all its own. It is this beautiful sound that propels and beckons the student onward and forward, up ever more challenging terrain. The most important tool we have in this endeavor is our ears, ears that tend to sharpen with use.

Sweden has an extraordinarily healthy and prolific living folk music tradition, part of which is a great body of nyckelharpa music that is readily available to immerse oneself in. It is just a matter of finding the doors that open to these treasures. The ANA website is one such door.

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