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Bart’s Tunes

Bart wrote many tunes. We thought it would be nice to share as many of them as we can document with you. Some of the tune have links to additional resources (video, additional audio, and transcriptions).

Many of the tunes below are from a composers concert series put on by the National Nordic Museum in Seattle. Bart was featured on October 12, 1997 playing with Peter Michaelsen and Sue Thompson. Audio is shared with permission from the museum.

2017 schottis in A (Video & PDF)


Brudmarsch till Margaret (PDF)


Brudvals till Margaret (PDF)


Dimma 1997-10-12 (PDF)


Don & Kathi’s Bridal March 1997-10-12


Evas Brudmarsch 1997-10-12


Finalen 1997-10-12 (Video & PDF)


Första Polskan 1997-10-12 (PDF)


Idiotvalsen (PDF)


Lavrans polska (PDF)


Margaret’s Waltz 1997-10-12 (PDF)


Mer än tre SDNW 2008 (with permission) (Video)


Mormors Vals 1997-10-12 (PDF)


Nya fiolen 1997-10-12


Nyan 1997-10-12 (PDF)


Ovädersvalsen 1997-10-12 (PDF)


Regn (PDF)


Skänklåt till Margaret (PDF)


Vals till Kerstin på Sextioårsdagen 1997-10-12 (PDF)