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Where to look…

It’s hard for us to keep track of everything going on in Sweden. So here is a great site to bookmark for planning purposes. (It’s also just pretty to look at, too!) has a year-round listing of events in Uppland, aka central nyckelharpa territory.

Annual Nyckelharpa Festivals / Stämmor

Summer Courses

  • Ekebyholm, Rimbo, Uppland (website only has facility info)
    A week of private and group harpa or fiddle lessons. Fills up fast! E-mail Lars in January for the following summer: lars(dot)lindkvist(at)jarfalla(dot)se
  • Malungs folkhögskola Malung, Dalarna.
    Courses in fiddle, dance, and song.

Year-Long courses

  • Eric Sahlström Institutet Tobo, Uppland.
    Offering various levels of instruction as well as a course for youths.
  • Malung Folk School
    A variety of instructors teach song, music, and dance. While the music focus is on fiddle, nyckelharpas are certainly welcome. All lessons are taught in Swedish. | Malung folkhögskola Web Site