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Festivals, Spelmanstämmor and other Events

Keeping track of all that’s going on in the music world is very difficult, to say the least. Here are some of the resources we have found most useful in planning summer events.

In Sweden

A listing of music festivals: Includes English translations.
Spelmanstämma at Orbaden: Peter Hedlund’s home town.
Österbybruk: Nyckelharpa heaven! Location of the VM competition.
Korrö: Southern Sweden’s largest folk music festival
Gammaldans contests in Sweden
Musik vid Siljan: a 2-week reminder of why music is wonderful.
Falun Folkmusik Festival: International Folk Music
Föreningen Folkmusikhuset in Stockholm: Live shows!
Annual Föllingevecka: Annual week-long workshops in Jämtland.
Hälsinge Hambo Competition: Where folk dancers strut their stuff.
Rättviksdansen: The largest international folklore festival in Sweden.

In Europe

www.burg-fuersteneck.de/folk/nyckelharpa_eng.htm: International Days of the Nyckelharpa
www.nyckelharpa.eu: European Nyckelharpa Training
www.cadence.nyckelharpa.eu: Cultural Adult Education and the Nyckelharpa

In America

Scandinavian Dance Schedule: Folklore Village (Madison, WI)
Nisswastämman: Nisswa Pioneer Village (Nisswa, Minnesota)
Folk Music Tour with Tim Rued: Visit Sweden’s hotspots!
ScandinaviUS: Links to Events, etc. in the San Francisco Bay area.
Skandia Folkdance Society: Skandia Events, etc. in the Seattle area.