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General Swedish Folk Music Links

The Orsa style in perspective: By Anders Rosén
Rootsworld: Scandinavian Music Reviews
Swedish Music Information Center: Read about Swedish composers.

New Old Music

Interested in finding some new (old) tunes?  Check out new links provided by member Nils Liberg on the Links > Written Music Resources page.  Or click <here> for The folkmusic commission’s musical score collection and the music museum’s player tunebooks and <here> for Folkwiki: A growing collection of Swedish Folk Tunes in ABC and MIDI.

Mostly Nordic Instruments

Hurdy-gurdy: A written introduction by Alden and Cali Hackmann.
Härjedalspipan: a traditional Swedish flute, similar to the Spelåpipa.
Paul Wilson’s fiddles: a cross between Italian and Norwegian ideas.
Swedish bagpipes: Written by Olle Gällmo
NSAA Forum: Norden Säckpipa Association of the Americas
More on Swedish bagpipes: from nyckelharpa player Sean Fulsom.

Nyckelharpa Mingling with Other Traditions

Rasa: Music based on Indian bhajans, featuring a nyckelharpa
Wherligig: Celtic and Nordic Music