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Online Nyckelharpa Research & Education

Eric Sahlström Institute: the only folk music institute in Sweden.
Österbyharpa: About the “kontrabasharpa med dubbellek”.
Nyckelharpans Forum: News, photos, research (Mostly in Swedish)

Instrument Makers & Purchasing Resources

Enar Magnusson: Makes and sells instruments (Swedish & English)
Mikael Grafström: A nyckelharpa maker and active musician (guitar & nyckelharpa)
Esbjörn Hogmark: perhaps the best known builder of nyckelharpas.
Leif Alpsjö: Sells nyckelharpas, bows, cases, music, etc.
Martin Westermark: A newcommer recommended by Puma
Olle Plahn: A strong voice in the building community!
Peder Källman: violin and nyckelharpa maker.
Sören Åhker: Master builder & author of an excellent building book.
Jean-Claude Condi: Instrument and Bow maker in France.
Leif Kronqvist: a Finnish Nyckelharpa builder